Power Harrow



Attaching to the rear of the 2-wheel tractor, this implement is powered by the PTO of the power unit and is pulled through the soil. Various widths are available to suit different size power units. The implement consists of a transmission and a body that is horizontal to the ground. Inside the body are a number of gears that drive vertically mounted pairs of tines that protrude down under the implement into the ground. These tines rotate round and round as the power unit pulls the implement forward, this action breaks up the soil, especially clods of soil, and also levels the soil. Mounted at the back of the implement is a roller that is adjustable in height, therefore controlling the working depth. This rear roller is available in various styles, round and flat, spiral bars, or mesh. The rear roller firms the top of soil and pushes any stones down into the soil, the choice of rear roller tends to be governed by the soil conditions, IE sticky clay soon coats the cage roller. They are usually used for seedbed preparation, or prior to turfing, a seeder attachment can be added in front of the roller.