Forestry & Woodland Machinery

Riko UK offers a vast range of Forestry machinery & woodland machinery for felling, extracting, transporting & processing timber. There are forestry trailers, cranes, winches, timber grabs, Forestry Mulching Flails, machinery for Small Woodland Owners, Conservation Work and low impact forestry, and we produce a range of small Forestry trailers and Cranes for use behind Quad bikes, quad Tractors, ATVs and UTVs well as the smaller Alpine Tractors. One of the widest ranges of machinery and from one supplier with nationwide depots & trading for over 35 years

Forestry Mulching Flails

Forestry Mulching Flails category of products

Mini / compact forwarder

Mini / compact forwarder category of products

Forestry Trailers & Cranes

Forestry Trailers & Cranes category of products

Winches 3.5t to 5.5t. Manual controls

Winches 3.5t to 5.5t. Manual controls category of products

Winches 5t to 8.5t Hydraulic control.

Winches 5t to 8.5t Hydraulic control. category of products

Skidding Grabs

Skidding Grabs category of products

Timber grabs for loaders, cranes, diggers

Timber grabs for loaders, cranes, diggers category of products

Harvesting & Felling Heads

Harvesting & Felling Heads category of products

Tree harvesting / tree felling :  felling heads, harvesting heads, processing heads. Stroke harvesters. 
Timber extraction : timber grabs, excavator grabs, skidding grabs, skidding grapples, hydrotongs, timber winches, skidding winches,  forestry winches, chainsaw winches. 
Timber transporting : Forestry trailers / forwarding trailers / timber trailers. Forestry cranes / timber cranes. The Unique Riko Fast Tow Forwarding Trailer, the only Road Trailer on the market that is designed to take a crane and features our unique Hydraulic Sliding Load Bed that ensures you achieve the correct axle loadings and tow hitch weight.
Forestry Tractors : Alpine tractors, Quad tractors, hillside tractors, low impact tractors.