Cylinder Mowers



Again PTO driven and front mounted to the motor mower / 2-wheel tractor, these are what tend to be thought of as old-fashioned mowers made by such great British names such as Dennis and Lloyds, or Ransomes. Cylinder mowers are now more commonly found in use on Cricket pitches, bowling greens, golf courses and ornamental grounds and gardens. They give the best cut on fine turf and produce the stripes that we all traditionally like to see on a well-manicured lawn area. The Riko cylinder mowers have an oscillating connection and front and rear rollers that allow the whole cylinder mower to follow the contours of the ground, thus almost eliminating ‘scalping’ even in particularly variable terrain. We have two sizes 80cm and 120cm, the 120cm can be fitted with a collector box. These attachments give the ultimate professional fine turf cut and although they may appear expensive, when compared to the same HP and width, dedicated professional machine they are more than competitive. The trailed seat attachment can again be used with cylinder mowers.