Tigrone 5800

48HP, front steering, Alpine Tractor. 2 years warranty.

Prices from: £poa.


Front steering - Mechanical gearbox

Tigrone 5800 is the new equal wheel tractor from the unbeatable Series 21. Designed for work on hillsides and mountains and specialised crops. Four equal wheel drive, optimum weight-power ratio, reduced steering angle all mean stability and constant traction on all types of terrain along with a capacity for quick manoeuvrability and disengagement.
The gearbox has 12 speeds, 8 forward and 4 reverse. The light accurate steering is hydraulically servo-assisted with a “Load Sensing” system.
The Tigrone’s engine is built with the most advanced combustion and injection system. Performance is also optimised by special design solutions on the bodywork. The shaped front grill and the side screens guarantee ideal thermal exchange even in weather conditions with high temperatures.
The Tigrone 5800 enjoys 2 years standard warranty with up to 4 years extended warranty package (EXG).