AGT 1060 56HP Alpine Tractor

56HP, front steering, Bi-directional, synchromesh 12fwd + 12rev gearbox with shuttle. Rear independent PTO. Front and rear diff locks. 1SA + 1 DA spool valve with 3 quick couplings.

Prices from: £POA

AGT 1060 56HP Alpine Tractor Click image for photo gallery


The AGT1060 comes with all the features & options you would expect and still with the great price synonymous all Agromehanika products. Standard with a roll bar and a choice of cabs. A ‘semi cab’ with four post frame, roof, front and rear windscreens. Full cab with heater or with air-conditioning. The AGT1060 with roll bar is in stock and available for demonstration:

  • 56hp.
  • Bi-Directional.  Reversible drivers seat and consul.
  • permanent four-wheel drive,
  • rigid transmission,
  • synchronized gearbox,
  • a wide selection of rims and tyres,
  • simultaneous four-wheel braking with permanent drive,
  • front-axle oscillating angle of 15° for better wheel-ground contact on different terrains,
  • small turning circle,
  • front and rear differential lock,
  • low operating costs,
  • safe and easy operation,
  • simple and cost-effective maintenance.

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