Robust R20BA Petrol engine Ttwable Log Splitter

20 ton petrol engine vertical log splitter. Road tow with lights etc. Two speed, auto return, hydraulic tilt I / out of work position.

From: £8,250 + VAT

Robust R20BA Petrol engine Ttwable Log Splitter Click image for photo gallery


20 ton professional log splitter poweed by a petrol engine.  Adjustable height & removeable table to take timber up to 1150mm height for billeting. Side table for placing part split logs on. Two speed ram splitting. The ram can be stoped at any height and a simple push of the lever starts the auto return. An ajustable stop can be set to a lower height for 'short logs'. 50mm ball hith, lights, mudguards etc.  UK IVA road appoval availabale.

Basic information and equipment

  • Robust construction
  • Single-axle trailer with a third wheel and a hitch
  • Hydraulic control for of the log splitter from transport into the operating position and back to transport position.
  • Powered by a petrol engine
  • Two-speed log-splitting /Maxispeed – automatic speed adjustment *
  • Splitting blade stroke adjustment
  • Left and right bow to secure the workpiece
  • Movable lever for securing the workpiece during operation
  • Control lever for two-handed activation
  • High-quality hydraulic components
  • Welded reservoir with an oil drain plug
  • Submersible suction filter
  • Oil level indicator
  • Integrated lifting feet for simple adjustments of the trailer
  • Approved for EU road transport (80km/h).  UK IVA road appoval availabale.
  • Timber lifter for raisng large, long temvber into splitting position.

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