Alpine Tractors

Hillside tractors, quad Tractors, low impact tractors, compact tractors, all terrain tractors.

Antonio Carraro (24-38HP)

AGT (37-60HP)

Antonio Carraro (48-57HP)

Ergit (71-87HP)

Ergit 100 Series (71-87HP)

Mach 4 (87 HP)

Transporters (57-65HP)

A Short introduction to Antonio Carraro & AGT Alpine tractors

When you think about tractors, you probably create a picture in your mind of the traditional layout. Starting at the front with small front wheels, then an engine and clutch, then gearbox all coupled to a rear axle with a three point linkage, PTO and large rear wheels. Well why wouldn't you, after all that's how they are all made, all pretty well the same specification, just a different colour and made in a different factory (but you can't even be sure of that nowadays).

Now sit down, clear your mind and make a list of what your ideal tractor would be? Powerful with good lift capacity without being too big, maneuverable and with good traction, without being too heavy, having a good range of gears and working speeds. It needs to be versatile and needs to work in different conditions with a wide range of attachments and of course it needs to be at a sensible price. Well, you have just exactly described an Alpine Tractor, and here's why:

Powerful without being too big

Alpine tractors range from 23 to 95 HP, are around 3 metres long and start at even less than 1 metre wide. A good range of gears and working speeds.
Alpine Tractors have a choice of hydrostatic or manual transmissions with a choice of 8fw X 4 RV or even 32 gears with a forward to reverse shuttle and working speeds up to 40 kph.

It needs to work in different conditions and types of terrain

Alpine Tractors have a central oscillation joint so the front and rear halves of the tractor can follow the undulations of the terrain independently, and a low centre of gravity so you and can work across slopes and hills at up to 55 degrees.

Manoeuvrable with good traction, good lift capacity but not too heavy.

Alpine tractors have four equal size wheels with front and rear differential locks, linkage lift capacities up to 2300Kg, but weigh from only 880Kg up to 2500Kg without ballast weights. There is also a choice of front steering or articulated steering with a turning circle as small as 175cm.

It needs to take a wide range of attachments

Alpine tractors have a choice of PTO speeds and even ground speed and a choice of rear 3 point linkages with or without quick hitch couplings. There are also optional front linkages on most models, and front or rear loaders with all sorts of attachments. In fact, Alpine tractors will take almost any implement a tractor usually takes and make it more versatile.

It needs to be versatile.

Some Alpine Tractors are bi-directional so you can turn the seat and controls round in a matter of seconds and drive it backwards with the implements in front of you such as mowers, or a fork lift or a drive in rear mounted loader.

And of course it needs to be at a sensible price. Alpine Tractors start at £8,600 + Vat for a 23HP four wheel drive with roll bar and floatation tyres.

A tall order, you might think. Well, Riko UK's Alpine tractors are everything above and more, truly versatile and affordable machines that do everything a conventional tractor does, only better!