Band Saws

Posted on July 9, 2018

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We know it is cliché to say it but we can’t believe it is July already! 2018 seems to be flying by and we are pleased to say that so far, this year has been an excellent one for us here at Riko UK. To-date, we have been helping our customers purchase the agricultural and forestry equipment they need for their requirements. This includes everything from mechanical winches through to band saws. Whatever your requirements are, we are confident that we can help and we would love to help you.

With regards to band saws, you will be able to see on our website that we have a fantastic range to choose from to meet all requirements. The one thing all of our band saws have in common is their ease of use and quality of build to make the process of cutting hassle-free for you. With prices starting from an affordable £1,690 + VAT, you can start benefiting from the convenience of having a band saw on-site quickly.

If you have any questions about the band saws we supply or any of our other product ranges, please contact our team on 01420 487 300. We are here to help and we look forward to assisting you.

Riko UK - Pallet Forks for Compact Tractors

Posted on February 26, 2018

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If you’re searching for pallet forks for compact tractors, look no further than our range here at Riko UK. No matter your requirements, we’re confident we can provide you with the attachment you need.

Here at Riko UK we offer a range of carefully selected machinery to customers seeking the most durable and suitable products.

Great for moving all manner of products / objects, pallet forks can be one of the most useful thing to use on your grounds. We have pallet forks of many different sizes so that you can find the one you need. Whether you’re looking for pallet forks for use in forestry, agricultural or grounds care, we’re certain you can find what you need within our vast selection of equipment.

Alongside our reliable machinery we offer a first-class customer service. If you are uncertain about what you need to use on your grounds or would simply like to know more about our equipment, we’re more than happy to assist you.

Riko UK – Find Some of The Best Tractors Available

Posted on February 19, 2018

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Although tractors are traditionally used among farmers, over time these motor vehicles have become widely used for more than just agricultural purposes. Here at Riko UK, we offer a wide range of tractors for customers to use on their grounds; including the esteemed Alpine Tractors – a term pioneered by our very own company!

We have anything from a Tigrecar to Mach 4, allowing our customers to have a full range of tractors to choose from for their grounds, forest or other. No matter what you’re seeking, we’re sure you can find something that will be suitable to use.

All tractors we provide come at various prices to make sure you can purchase something within your budget. We have over 30 years’ worth of experience trading with many different customers and are confident we have reliable machinery for you to use on your grounds.

Not only do we cater to private clients, our Alpine Tractors have been provided to some of the largest national trusts, parks and wildlife groups in the UK. This means that you can have peace of mind knowing we a trusted supplier for familiar businesses.

Riko UK – Backhoe Attachment

Posted on February 5, 2018

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Taking care of your grounds is key to ensuring it is healthy, well prepared for building work and maintaining the overall aesthetic quality. If you are in need of a specific backhoe attachment, we’re confident we have the one you need within our range of machinery here at Riko UK.

Our team are familiar with a range of requirements. We have been trading with customers for over 30 years and have obtained many types of machinery for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for machinery for forestry, firewood, grounds care or other work, we’re sure we have a suitable product for you to purchase.

Some of our customers include the largest wildlife parks in the UK; including the National Trust and other various farm and conservation groups in the country. This means that we can cater to some of the more challenging requirements and provide our machinery to a range of customers.

We’ll dedicate our time to you to ensure you have the attachment you need. No matter if it’s for digging, transporting, construction work or other, we will work hard to ensure you have suitable equipment for your land.

Riko UK – Farm Machinery

Posted on January 29, 2018

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Do you need farm machinery that is reliable and suitable for your agricultural grounds? For specialist farming equipment, look no further than Riko UK.

Since our founding over 30 years ago, we have been trading with customers across the UK to ensure they can have the high-quality equipment they need. From grounds care to forestry and firewood, we have continued to provide exceptional equipment suited for all individual needs.

Our team have worked hard to maintain our first-class service and hope this can be reflected in our work. As a pioneer for the term Alpine tractors, you can rest assured we are qualified and know what we need to provide you. Whether you’re familiar with what you’re searching for, or unsure of exactly what you need, we’ll support you throughout your purchase.

Whether you’re looking for Alpine tractors, bank mowers, sprayers or other, we’re confident you can find what you need in our range. If you cannot find what you need, don’t hesitate to speak to our team. We’ll work hard to ensure you have the machinery you require.

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