Uniforest 40ECO Forestry Winch / Timber Winch

4 Ton Forestry winch, mechanical control, Folding guard, Top pulley, 60m x 10mm cable, pto shaft.

From: £1,900 + VAT
(depending on exchange rate)


This Winch is suitable for small tractors but has all the functions and characteristics of the large winches. The lower pulley is not included but can be ordered as an option. This winch is suitable for customers looking for a professional build but lower specification which is reflected in the price.

Type 40 eco
Pulling force 40kN
Wire rope medium speed 0,90 m/s
Wire rope Length / diameter
Max.(theoretical) 115/9 m/mm
90/10 m/mm
75/11 m/mm 
Standrd 60/11 m/mm
  Recommended  11 - 33 kW
16 - 45 km 
PTO Shaft revolutions 540 min-1
Dimensions  Feauters
Width 1.357 mm Trailer tow hitch Option
Depth 450 mm Lower pulley Option
Height without safety guard 1.160 mm Pickaxe holder Not possible
Height with safet guard 2.000 mm  
Weight without wire rope 229 kg