TIMBERY saw mill parts clearance

Due Wood-Mizer USA & Europe closing the Timbery factory and dropping the Timbery brand we have a demonstration M120 saw mill and various accessories and parts at clearance prices.

Clearance prices


Timbery is / was owned by Wood Mizer USA and the Timbery European products were manufactured by the Wood Mizer factory in Poland.  Earlier this year Wood Mizer dropped a bombshell on us when without any warning, they decided to drop the Timbery brand.  Parts supply from Timbery continued but now even that has come to and end.  Hence, we can no longer source Timbery branded parts .  However, Wood-Mizer parts will fit the Timbery M100 & M120.  Riko buying parts though Wood-Mizer UK increases the price to the end user and delays the delivery time.  For this reason, it makes more sense for Timbery owners to source parts direct from Wood-Mizer UK. Contact details are at the end of this email.

I am very annoyed at the non-professional way in which Wood-Mizer USA have ‘dropped’ the Timbery brand and effectivity blocked the old Timbery dealer network from sourcing spare parts.  However, it is out of our hands and I can only apologise.   We have one demonstration 120 sawmill and a number of Timbery accessories & parts available at clearance prices, + delivery + vat. 

X100-1304 Log Taper Wedge, for Timbery Sawmill.  Retail: £13.50.  Clearance: £10.14. (6 pieces)

120-LLR Sawmill loading ramp for M100-120(Single).  Retail: £69.30.  Clearance: £52  (2 pieces)

T00034 Log clamp, manual, for Timbery saw mil.  Retail: £78.75.  Clearance: £59. (4 pieces) 
X100-1317 Adjustable legs, set of 12 for Timbery M120 & 100.  Retail: £79.20.  Clearance: £59.52. (1 pack)

T00041-1 Side Support (log rest post) – long. Retail: £9.60.  Clearance: £7.22 (3 pieces)

T00051-1 Side Support (log rest post) – short. Retail: £9.16.  Clearance: £6.88 (2 pieces)

BTR3732IH0929-336-F10 Bandsaw Blades 336cm X 1.07mm, 10pcs/box (M120 Hard Wood blade).  Retail: £93.65.  Clearance: £70.38 (1 piece)

BTR3732IH0929-336-F10 Bandsaw Blades 336cm X 1.07mm, 10pcs/box (Hard Wood).  Retail: £83.62.  Clearance: £62.84. (4packs)

BTR2732IH1030-336-F10 Bandsaw Blades 336cm X 1.07mm, 10pcs/box (M120 GP blade).  Retail: £98.60.  Clearance: £74.10 (5 packs)

SNS20-009 Grinding Wheel, 5" CBN, Profile 9/29 for Timbery bandsaw blades.  Retail: £146.26.  Clearance: £109.91. (1 piece)

X100-905 Belt, B69, Carlisle Super II, Drive Side, M120.  Retail: £25.44.  Clearance: £19.12 ( 2 pieces)

X100-900 Belt, B47.5 Idle Side, M120. Retail: £9.87.  Clearance: £7.42.  (1 piece)

X100-392 Cable Throttle, Handle, Timbery. Retail: £19.85.  Clearance: £14.92 (1 piece)

TIM-T00375 Roller Table, 1mt, for Timbery E100 Edger.  Retail: £163.12.  Clearance: £122.59 (1 piece)