Peterson Sawmills

Peterson Swing Saw Sawmills

From: £9,579 + vat

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The most versatile portable sawmill you will find.  The Peterson sawmill is the original ‘Swing Saw’ Saw mill designed and built in New Zealand.  The comprehensive range will cut timber up to 1.8m / 6ft in diameter and lengths from 4m / 13 feet and longer. 

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 ALL MILLS INCLUDE: 2 blades/chains, sharpener, safety & tools, jockey wheels and manual. POWER RATINGS: 'Gross' is without muffler/filters, 'Net' is at output shaft including muffler/filters, 'Cc' is cyclinder volume.

Prices may vary due to changing exchange rates and import duties.  Therefore, a quoatation must be issued before placing an order.

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