Kinetic 8X8 mini forestry forwarder

Kinetic 8X8 forwarders with ROPS / FOPS approved cab. K325, 25hp with a 3 ton load capacity. K437, 36hp with a 4 ton load capacity. 5 meter or 5.5 meter crane options. Harvester head available for K437.

From £52,000 + vat

Kinetic 8X8 mini forestry forwarder Click image for photo gallery


The Kinetic 8X8 forwarder comes in two models with a full ROPS / FOPS approved cab.  The K325 is 25hp with a 3 ton load capacity and the K437 is 36hp with a 4 ton load capacity.  There are two crane options with a max reach of 5 meters or 5.5 meters.  The chassis on both models extends & contracts hydraulically to reduce the transport length.  There is a choice timber bodies with straight or curved bolster pins and rear extensions.  The Kinetic is designed to be multipurpose, with a choice of timber grabs, harvesting heads, augers, clam shell buckets and hydraulic tipping dump body with a tailgate. 

There have been many small modifications to make servicing etc easier.  The cab has been redesigned to be more spacious, and quieter and is now ROPS & FOPS certified and with optional air conditioning.   The main transmission drop box chain is now oil immersed.  The K437 has larger wheels, larger bogies and larger load area.

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