COL-SC70PRO & Super PRO Logging saw

Tungsten tipped logging saw ideal for professional or domestic use. Tractor PTO drive, petrol engine or 3 phase Electric*.

From: £1,180 + VAT

COL-SC70PRO & Super PRO Logging saw Click image for photo gallery


Tungsten tipped logging saw deal for the professional or domestic user. Tractor PTO drive with a cast aluminium  PTO gearbox (Pro) or cast steel gearbox & bearings on the lower pivot of the trough (Super pro).  They are also vaiable with Petrol engine or 3 phase Electric*.

Ideal for use when you want to cut logs from timber of up to 11 inch / 28cm diameter without splitting or cutting ‘Billets’ from vertical and horizontal log splitters.

Robust steel frame with wheels and two handles for easy moving. Comes timber extension for supporting long lengths and with rollers on the trough and for easier timber feeding. Blade nut spanner included. 3 belt drive.

*Requires a suitable 3 phase power supply and lead. It's not 13amp.

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