AGT 860TR/Wide (60HP Bi-directional)

* 7.50-R16 wheels with Agricultural tyres. ** 280/70-R18 wheels with Agricultural tyres. Both 60HP, front steering, bi-directional, Alpine Tractors.

Prices from: £poa.

AGT 860TR/Wide (60HP Bi-directional) Click image for photo gallery


Front steering - Mechanical gearbox - Bi-directional
Engine Type: 4-stroke Diesel (Lombardini LDW 2204 TURBO)
Transmission: Synchronised: 12 forward, 12 reverse (with invertor)
Hydraulic power lift: 3-point linkage, lifting power 1.080 kg
Steering: Hydraulic
Brakes: Rear discs in oil
Weight (kg): 1370
Standard Equipment:
Electric installation 12 V, 66 Ah; Serial: wheels 7,5x16, triple hydraulic valve (2 x single, 1 x double) for back hydraulic, 3 x dumping tube behind - bound on valves

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