Uniforest 8EH/EHW Forestry Winch / Timber Winch

8 Ton heavy duty Forestry winch with electro-hydraulic control- Folding gard- Lower pulley and hitch- Chain saw and axe holder. The 8EHW is the 200cm wide version.

8EH From: £5,450 + VAT
8EHW From: £5,500 + VAT


This Winch is suitable for large tractors. It has a two height connection settings and an independent Hydraulic system. The lower pulley is built-in serially and with the included closed bearing, greasing is not required. Precise break belt settings are possible. Lower board is made from quality materials which reduces wear and tear and extends the life span. The Hydraulic components integrated into the column and so are protected from possible damage from weathering. There is an optional 2 m wide board to further protected tyres from falling wood.

Technical data:  

Pulling Force

80 kN

Medium Wire Rope Velocity

0,60 m/s

Wire rope length

90 m

Wire rope diameter*

13 mm

Recommended tractor power

50< kW

Weight without the wire rope

562 kg

Lower Pulley




Holder for chainsaw


Case for chains


Pickaxe holder




Connection category



- serially, - optional, - not possible, - electro-hydraulic,
* wire rope 2160 N/mm2 - strongly calibrated