Uniforest 5E Forestry Winch / Timber Winch

5 Ton Forestry winch with mechanical control- Folding gard- Lower pulley and hitch- Ergonomic shape

From: £2,420 + VAT


This large drum capacity Winch is suitable for medium sized tractors and has a two height connection settings. There are two support legs that ensure easier diconnection and simpler use. The lower pulley is built-in serially and with the included closed bearing, there is no need for greasing. The large distance between the upper Winch and the rope drum ensures equal winding of the rope wire. This winch also benefits from a low wire rope velocity. Constant breaking force is ensured by the large breaking belt area.

Technical data:  

Pulling force

50 kN

Medium wire Rope Velocity

0,90 m/s

Wire rope length

70 m

Wire rope diameter

12 mm

Recommended tractor power

33-50 kW

Weight without the wire rope

338 kg

Lower pulley




Holder for chainsaw


Case for chains


Pickaxe holder




Connection category



- serially, - optional, - not possible, - mechanical