Uniforest 35M Forestry Winch / Timber Winch

3.5 Ton winch with mechanical control- Folding guard- Top and Lower pulley - Ergonomic shape

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Uniforest 35M Forestry Winch / Timber Winch Click image for photo gallery


This Winch is suitable for small , compact and medium tractors but has all the functions and characteristics of the large winches. The lower pulley is built-in serially with a proportional drum size. There is a large rope cycle diameter and small wire rope angle.

Technical data:  

Pulling force

35 kN

Medium Wire Rope Velocity

0,90 m/s

Wire rope length

70 m

Wire rope diameter

9 mm

Recommended tractor power

11-33 kW

Weight without the wire rope

245 kg

Lower pulley




Holder for chainsaw


Case for chains


Pickaxe holder




Connection category


- serially, - optional, - not possible, - mechanical

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