VM420-8.5 Processor

42cm cut. Pilot-operated joystick control of feed in/out, cut and 8.5 ton split. Manual timber grab. Hydraulic height adjustable knife. Slewing elevator. Hydraulic in-feed conveyor.

From: £11,710 + VAT

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Servo assisted saw movement and hydraulic adjustment of splitting knife.  “All” commands in one handle. 

Triple hydraulic pump ensuring high capacity and 28 sec. metre chain speed! Capacity log diameter 420mm and 8.5 tons splitting force with automatic high power modus automatically engaged at demand. Very fast working cycle of 2 sec for 40cm splitting length.

Cooling system with chip removal for high performance. 4m conveyor with chain drive,  Slewing elevator with waste clearing grid.

Sturdy overall design in high tensile steel material. Log rack with or without hydraulic drive for better efficiency  Optional 4-6-8-10 way knifes. Sawdust conveyor. Manual or hydraulic timber rack.

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