Forestry Machinery

Riko UK offers a vast range of Forestry machinery & woodland machinery for felling, extracting, transporting & processing timber. There are forestry trailers, cranes, winches, timber grabs, Forestry Mulching Flails, machinery for Small Woodland Owners, Conservation Work and low impact forestry, and we produce a range of small Forestry trailers and Cranes for use behind Quad bikes, quad Tractors, ATVs and UTVs well as the smaller Alpine Tractors.

Riko General Brochure

Forestry Trailers & Cranes


Timber & Loader Grabs

Harvesting & Felling Heads

Skidding Grabs

Forestry & Timber Winches

Forestry Mulching Flails

Tree harvesting / tree felling :  felling heads, harvesting heads, processing heads. Stroke harvesters. 
Timber extraction : timber grabs, excavator grabs, skidding grabs, skidding grapples, hydrotongs, timber winches, skidding winches,  forestry winches, chainsaw winches. 
Timber transporting : Forestry trailers / forwarding trailers / timber trailers. Forestry cranes / timber cranes. The Unique Riko Fast Tow Forwarding Trailer, the only Road Trailer on the market that is designed to take a crane and features our unique Hydraulic Sliding Load Bed that ensures you achieve the correct axle loadings and tow hitch weight.
Forestry Tractors : Alpine tractors, Quad tractors, hillside tractors, low impact tractors.